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Busy roads and busy people are often the precursors to bumper damage, paint scratches, and dents on your car. This type of damage does not just affect the appearance of your car, but the value of it too. We know you value your car and we value you! At Abe’s Auto Body Repair in Chicago, IL, we offer quality and affordable auto body repair services.

If your car has been the recipient of hail damage or a runaway shopping cart, we can help! If your car has rust damage, holes, or chipped paint, we can fix those too! Whether you have been in a fender bender or backed into a bicycle that should have been put away, we can provide high quality auto body repair. Abe’s Auto Body Repair can repair nearly any damage your vehicle has sustained.

Do you have a missing side view mirror or a crack in your windshield? Abe’s Auto Body Repair technicians have the skill and expertise to provide highly efficient and skilled repair services.

Over our 35 years in business, there is no type of auto body repair we have not seen. We specialize in body work and ensure your vehicle is restored and back to new in as little time as possible. At our auto body shop, we use the latest tools and techniques to repair any damage your vehicle has sustained. Our affordable prices ensure you can fix the damage to your car so it does not lose value.

Abe’s Auto Body Repair offers experience, expertise, and affordable prices so you do not have to drive around with dents or a cracked windshield. We want to help you fix the damage your car has sustained! Call Abe’s Auto Body Repair for an honest estimate and find out how we can help!

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